valentine's wreath.

camila and mimi came over yesterday to make some valentine's
day wreaths with me and they turned out awesome!

 and now i have a slightly crazy obsession with wreaths
and plan on making 12 different ones for the whole year!
can you even handle it.
a whole year of wreath fun!
(in all actuality i will probably only make 2 more. if that!)

wanna make this wreath?  it's super easy.

you need:

1 foam wreath
4 packages of 75 cupcake liners
hot glue gun


glue all the liners on.
it's pretty obvious.
attach ribbon.
hang up somewhere awesome.

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9 Responses to “valentine's wreath.”

Coleson & Tate said...

love it. i might copy. but i am not crafty. i have a friend that made a cute one out of a classic childrens story book...and another friend who did one for Christmas out of music paper-really pretty.

Heather said...

this wreath is so easy anyone can make it.
and i love book wreaths. i plan on making one for september next year!

Katherine said...

Ha, that is totally awesome!

Brit said...

I want to buy one of these! I would be kidding myself to think I'll get around to making it. =)

Tyra said...

I saw a tutorial for this just yesterday and thought it looked fun to make! Yours is so cute, I love it~

Claire Groo said...

oh my gosh i love it!

Liz said...

Nice, you crafty girl. Love Valentine's day. You've got me motivated to break out my decor now.

Claire Groo said...

That was Ryan who wrote the comment above, just to let you know:) WE thought the wreath was super cool and I suggested that HE posted a comment...and I guess he interpreted that as him posting a comment for me aaand he thinks I'm a valley girl. Super cute though! Let me know how it holds up in the weather! Did you use waxy ones??

emily, etc, etc said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I am probably going to make all my spare time!

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